Industrial Hemp for Biofuels

I just don’t understand why we aren’t using such a beneficial plant, both to our economy and our society, in times of such great need. I may not be an expert but every time I google “Industrial Hemp” I come across countless web sites that confirm that virtually everything that we derive from petroleum-based oil we can derive from Industrial Hemp and then some.

I think it’s ridiculous that we allow the paranoia of comparing Hemp to Marijuana to impede its use. Hemp is not marijuana, it has virtually no THC ( the active ingredient in marijuana which produces artificial highs). It’s only likeliness to marijuana is that the leaves have the same shape. It has been argued by the DEA that legalizing Hemp is only a covert way to eventually legalize marijuana. It’s absurd. People were growing Hemp in the states before they even knew what marijuana was to begin with. It has also been argued that if we legalize Hemp, people could plant marijuana in the middle of a Hemp field and that it would be indistinguishable so drug dealers could get away with it. Countries were Hemp is legal don’t have this problem. As a matter of fact, if someone did happen to plant marijuana in the middle of a Hemp farm the Hemp would cross-pollinate the marijuana plants rendering them a useless street value. It would be all seeds and no bud. We should stop the hypocrisy and legalize Industrial Hemp, it would seriously stimulate our own economy. If we are importing Hemp products (not just from China but from Canada and Europe as well) then we will forever be dependent on foreign fuels. I strongly believe that Hemp fuels could be the way of the future as an alternate fuel source. We are wasting time investing in crops such as corn, soy, wheat and others for use in bio-fuels. Hemp, from what I understand, can produce hundreds of more gallons of oil per acre than the crops mentioned before. It’s cheap to grow, can adjust to virtually any climate and it grows fast (the positive attributes inherited from its cousin plant instead of the negative). We must stop being so thick-headed and get our legislators to stop being the same way. Hemp for Bio-fuels!!!  Sergio

One response to “Industrial Hemp for Biofuels

  1. Best conception is to use fast parolysis on hemp stalks to make bio oil and burn this in the Cyclone engine to generate electricity. There is about 75% conversation of the biomass to fuel.

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