Site Remediation with Hemp?

I live in London ON. We have in our city Canada’s largest PCB land polluted area in the country. I would like to know why, no one has suggested using cannabis sativa L to clean up the site by means of phytro-remediation.  Could possibly use help from a agricultural college, like Port Dalhousie’s College? please forgive spelling errors.

Peace be with you
Peace be to all
Brother Wayne J MacIver

3 responses to “Site Remediation with Hemp?

  1. delbert – Is this still an area of interest to you? If so I’d like to talk with you about your work.

  2. I am actually suggesting hemp site remediation for West Virginia acid mine drainage areas in my thesis! I am looking for quality source that will help with the particulars of growing Cannabis Sativa L?

  3. There’s just so much stigma around the plant that it’s just going to take time for it to be seriously considered as a solution to anything…

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