How to Make Hemp Plastic Bottles?

Hi, I am trying to find out how to trurn hemp into plastic bottles. If anyone knows or has any information on this post it here. John Tolle-Barlow

38 responses to “How to Make Hemp Plastic Bottles?

  1. Josh, a great idea of makind a facebook group to share ideas and processes, could you start one and post the name in here?

  2. Hi I have been looking high and low for more information on how to make hemp plastic.

  3. Why dont all of us world savers make a facebook grp! ideas spread faster and easier there!

  4. Been searching high and low for a hemp plastic manufacturer to make some products. If you have any information, please shoot me an email

  5. I began doing hemp plastic research in an effort to find help plastic bottles for homemade body care and all-natural household cleaners but was surprised to see nothing available. This is quite a shame. Seems like there would be a huge appetite for it.

    Plastic bags too perhaps but many areas are banning plastic bags all together and rightly so, so I think that ship has sailed. I think people should use reusable fabric bags. I live in an area where plastic bags were banned and it went quite smoothly.

    One proposed ban that is not going so smoothly is the ban of styrofoam, particularly in the restaurant take-out container arena. See attached article. Would be so great if someone started making hemp take-out containers. It is a shame that the United States is missing out on all of this business opportunity at a time when jobs are so needed but our politicians don’t seem to have the people’s best interest in mind. Would be great to see Canada or Mexico take advantage of this market (so we don’t have to ship from overseas to import the product).

    I would love to be kept abreast and involved in this movement in any way. If someone is already working on it, I’d love more information. I have some contacts in the venture capital world that may be interested too. Long live hemp!

  6. Does anybody want to share technology how to make plastics out of hemp? I live in east Europe and this year I planted about 10×100 m of hemp. I would like to start small test projects: isolation, plastic, food for better and greener world.

  7. I think I might love you all. I am so happy to see so many who care. The hemp plastic store bags sounds excellent. I know the hemp plastic is biodegradable but what is the processes to make them.? Can it be done in a way that is environmentally sound? In a way that people are not going to die from manufacturing? I am not real educated in these things but really want to be. Watch “Tapped” if you can, all about our bottled water.

  8. can hemp plastic be made to be flexable and thin like 3mil

  9. Hey Joel
    I’m in India where we have the manpower
    Let’s talk

    Anyone know any producers or suppliers of hemp plastic bottles in India?


  10. Look guys I have the idea to change the world we live in , only two problems we have is man power and money. Idea is simple but will produce not just hemp plastic bottles. It will make evrything green and healthy again and you all safe money.

    email me if you like to get onvolved and make it happen.




  11. I have some ideas but need some poeple who want to make this happen.. email me

  12. We are looking for biodegradable earth friendly products. My name is Scott Bruce. Website

  13. I am VERY interested in this topic as well. I think I found a site that would be perfect for you! Once more and more people start to understand the toxic elements in plastic, as well as their huge detriment to our environment, there will be a push for different material. In fact, 11 states have bottle bills which try to encourage higher recycling rates of these plastics. Obviously someone knows that making more and more plastic is a bad thing! Check out this website: they offer biodegradable hemp plastic raw material pellets for injection moulding.

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but I believe you could purchase these pellets and just create a water bottle moulding? I’m not sure if it would be cost effective because of the massive inflation on hemp, the hemp may need to be grow locally and made into these pellets yourself to cut costs. I have seen a few websites on the internet that show you how to turn hemp into these raw material pellets.

    Contact me if you wish to discuss this further

  14. I found one in china last year or so. But you had to buy like 500,000 at a time and it didn’t seem secure enough for that kind of transaction. They wouldn’t provide a sample or anything.

    Otherwise, it’s obvious SO MANY people want this done!
    I would guess that it needs to be cooked down or have the parts separated and treated. I’m thinking a Chemist would be the person to help anyone at the beginning stage of experimentation.

  15. Wow. Nobody answered the original question.

  16. I’ve been searching high and low for a manufacturer who can produce this perfect replacement. If anyone has any feedback, please reach out to us!!!
    Rob –

  17. Email me information about hemp plastics and hemp products and eco green friendly products please.
    I’d love to hear from you.
    Let’s all work together.

    Contact me if you have knowledge of eco products, or are in need of plastic, paper, hemp or other plant derived etc
    I want to connect buyers to sellers, and sellers to buyers of eco products.

    Plastic – hemp(bags, ziplocks, tupperware, bottles)
    Concrete – hempcrete
    Paper – hemppaper
    Fiber board – (hemp panels)
    All plant derived items.

    that’s the goal.

  18. I live in Santa Cruz, CA, and I’m an undeclared freshmen at the West Valley College in Saratoga, CA. I’d like to get into the hemp business in either Canada or the US (depending on future US laws of course).
    My question to anyone who is already in the business is: What are good programs to get into as an undergrad and what would be a good focus as a graduate?
    – – – – – – – – –

  19. I always thought that the solution to the “paper or plastic” dilemma, would be to produce “hemp plastic” bags. The question could be…”Do you have your own bag or would you like hemp?” After multiple uses, it could be thrown into your garden, where it would biodegrade, and actually improve the soil. Anyone that knows of anyone producing “hemp” plastic bags for carry out, please contact me at If no ones doing it, then it needs to be done. Let’s get together and DO IT!!! It also would be a great message to the general population about the benefits of industrial hemp.

  20. i am super interested in the making of hemp plasic!

  21. Hi Hemp promoters. I’m looking for a hemp-plastic manufacturer (preferably in Canada) to produce a pure product that is meant for in the mouth – to form “arms” for dental A-braces (do-it-yourself – – –, which are coming to the market this year. Is anyone selling hemp-plastic chips (similar style as DuPont’s petroleum plastic chips) that are melted by machines (injection moulding ) with custom dies to form various components/products)?

  22. Thanks for the link doug, i have been looking for something similar myself. I run a company that would be willing to stock these items should they become available.

    Robert Daniel
    Catering Supplies

  23. True Artesian Bottling Co. is a new bottler wishing to partner with like minded people. We originally tried to start with a biopolymer made from corn. But alas, the recyclers don’t like it, and NatureWorks, the producers of the new corn plastic, have put a moratorium on new bottlers getting the preforms to produce the bottles. It seems to me that hemp would be an excellent alternative. We own the source well and property. Producing world class natural water in an eco-friendly bottle made from hemp, would be a natural pathway to success. Talk to us. Doug Houseworth

    • Hello Doug,

      My name is Bryna Makowka. I am extremely passionate about working with hemp and I would like very much to speak with you concerning working with True Artesian Bottling Co. to grow and produce hemp to replace plastic water bottles. I have lived in California since graduating in 2004. I’m working with my friend’s Makeda and Oliver. The website is The Ecoville link is very interesting. However , Im reaching out because I am very interested in working with your company in using hemp. I hope to talk to you soon so we can work together in this revolution. I egarly await your response via email.
      Bryna Makowka

  24. If you do it in another country then fda and dea wont care, but you’d have to do it the same way the columbians do. You’ll have to have alot of security because they will call you a terrorist.

  25. Hi, i am very interested in finding a hempbased plastic bottle, or even help startup a company to produce it. I realise there are probably FDA hurdles and hope that someone has a product already approved.
    Seems like Australia is leading the push but want to find it in the US.
    Please keep me posted about any finds

  26. Hi John,

    Have a look here its a start

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