Hemp for Flood Control?

Would hemp have withstood the recent floods in Iowa? All I could find on it was this:

The Himalayan region of Bangladesh (from “bhang” cannabis, “la” land, and “desh” people) signs an anti-drug pact with the U.S., agreeing not to grow hemp.

Since that time there has been only light moss covering the steep slopes of this flash-flood region which once were lush with hardy hemp. Millions of acres of topsoil have been washed away and native peoples of the country have suffered disease, starvation, and decimation due to unrestrained flooding.

Please let the farmers grow hemp for fiber, food and fuel!!

One response to “Hemp for Flood Control?

  1. The United States has no legal authority to determine another countries food, fuel, medical, textile, or conservation measures. It is not the United States right or authority to decide what another country grows as a crop to support their country or local communities. The United States has no right to make any coercive agreement with another country to suit their own interests. I realize that our country was founded on the habit of imperialism, but it has to stop!

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