Hemp as Building Material

Is hemp as a building material (called Isochanvre) available in the U.S.?  Tommy Larson

2 responses to “Hemp as Building Material

  1. There is a new (August 2010) hemp building technology that does not require processed or decorticated hemp – which makes it cheaper and much more environmentally friendly (less transport to and from factory, and energy in factory). You can read more at http:/www.thehempbuilder.com Still uses lime, though less admixtures than with most processed hemp blends

  2. Shirley Sensimilla

    Yes Hemp is used as a building material. The ECO-Elise’s manufacturing warehouse was built of hemp including the car they build in it. Hemcrete® is a company making a hemp/lyme mixture that replaces concrete and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere to naturally insulate.
    check out this website:

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