How to Harvest and Process?

My father is a farmer in North Eastern Europe and he’s interested in industrial hemp but no one knows much about harvesting or processing the crop. Where is the best place to find information for that, including ways of harvesting and machinery for further processing? Are there any farmers I could ask questions regarding aspects of growing industrial hemp? Indrek Mandmets

Comment: For answers, try clicking the “Equipment,” “Processing” and “Growing” links in the list of Categories in the right-hand column. You will find items such as this comment below:

Our company, Ecofibre Industries Limited of Australia, has all of the information required to kick off the hemp industry in the US. We have a germplasm of over 250 hemp strains, mill and processing information and plans for turnkey operations. Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address for further info. Nick Veltre, Chief Financial Officer, Ecofibre Industries Limited, +61 7 3366 0889, +61 0421 38 55 31,

16 responses to “How to Harvest and Process?

  1. Hemp Harvest Works has a team of engineers that can design and fabricate the equipment that you need to achieve your goals and objectives. Whether it be for planting, transplanting, harvesting, or post-harvest processing – we can help.

  2. Hey Hans looking at growing hemp here in Ireland and would like to know more about the sowing , haveresting, and processing of hemp. Would like to know would oil pressing for food or biodiesel be more profitable or hempcreet for building or insulating or can you do both from one crop. Also as hemp can grow in 4 months can one have 2
    The cattle business is unprofitable and the hemp business might be the future for small farmers. Looking forward to hearing from you .
    Kevin O Rourke

  3. How can you harvest hemp seeds by hand

  4. Questions above are all still valid – growing, harvesting, processing, product development, marketing – is this site still active? I am in NY State, and want to get farmers, processors and products going here. We will be cahnging the laws soon, and we should be ready.

    Does anybody from the above or any new folks still want to get into this? I am chomping at the bit…

    • Please write your contact or contact us at info [at] seimossaknis [dot] lt (Lithuania/EU).
      Our company is grower and producer of cold pressed hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp proteine and dry hemp leaves with higher level of CBD for further processing. We are activelly looking for market in EU, would be also very exited to find trusted contacts in US! Please contact us.
      All products produced from hemp are from certified hemp species and below regulated level of THC 0,2% in EU.

  5. As I study hemp as an industrial product my back ground in mech eng. is constantly being stirred. Here`s a few ideas for profit and usable sellable
    products …. cold expressed oil , you need a food grade industrial size
    expeller. The other idea for the oil would be cleanseed bio-diesel from
    the seeds left over from cold pressing , or the ones that didn`t get in from the field or processed in time. (due to production limitations) The other
    use of seed would be hot expressed oil which destroys the omegas and other desired healthy properties. Look up seed expellers or dupps. The
    other fuel processer is a bio pro 180 or 390 out of Utah. For paper and cardboard the hurd must be separated from the fiber by wretting , decorticating and pulping. Cardboard may not need this as much because
    its a coarse material , the fiber for paper needs to be pulped and ground
    or the paper will be coarse hemp would be best for rec containers or boxes.
    Briquettes or pellets burnt in a stove or boiler / turbine are another good
    use look up lipple or pellet maker. The coolest harvest was a tripple scycle
    bar at Hemp harvest. This was the only machine I`ve seen on vid that could
    cut the oil heads off and drop them in a tray or shoot and leave the rest of the plant for wind rowwing and or baling. The combine head used is a Mc
    Don multi crop , a large header with a draper belt to keep the fibers straight
    and useable although not entirely necessary for spinning or weaving.

  6. Hey Hans,

    Sorry for taking a whole year to get back to you. I didn’t get any response on my question for months and I moved on. My father is farming in Estonia. There was a farmer in Estonia who sowed industrial hemp and at the end there wasn’t anything to harvest with and quite frankly they didn’t know what to do with it. So my father was interested in what kind of equipment is needed for harvesting and further processing the raw material. I live in United States and I’m hoping to see legalization of farming industrial hemp being passed here in the States in near future. Hopefully our current administration can come to their senses and start taking advantage of such versatile crop rather sooner than later.

    Best regards
    Indrek Mandmets

  7. I am a director off biofuel company in Ireland growing hemp we need harvesting machinery please contact me.

  8. Hello to North Eastern Europe (is ist Lituania?) – I don`t know about actuality and seriousness of your request, but I`m participating in a group of researchers and engineers in Germany developing and building such machinery you are looking for. In case of continued interest feel free to leave a message at my email adress.

    • Hi Hans,
      How are you going with developing machinery for the harvesting and processing of industrial hemp?

    • I am interested in growing and processing Hemp in Sub-Saharan Africa for the commercial production and sale of paper. This is because the climate here is not really suited to grow large trees commonly used.
      I would like to source machinery used in harvesting , the processing of hemp fibre and extraction of seed oil. If anyone is in a position to provide some gdirections or contacts it would be helpful.

      My e-mail address is below:

    • Hello Hans,
      I hope you see this, even if the discussion is old.
      I’m interesting in how you developed your machinery. I’m working with a similar groupe here in Gotland, Sweden. But we have lost our spark to come further. Best reguards johannapunktlarsonAgotlandpunktse

    • Dear Hans

      first best regards from Slovenia. As you may know, in Europe these days are no bed of roses, so I was thinking about hemp as a plant of future. For some time, I have been collecting some literature about this culture, and I found that this plant is becoming more and more popular and great in demand. But some how I don’t know where to begin… so I was wondering if You could tell me:
      – what quadrature is needed to be profitable for the start
      – for what and how to offer it to our companies
      – what kind of product to begin with small budget and at the same time profitable
      – I noticed that it is commonly used by construction workers, what can you tell me about that, do you have any researches or comparisons with other materials.

      Hope You won’t find me as a competition but maybe as an opportunity for co-operation.

      Thank You for your reply.

      Best wishes

    • I’m a smallholder in Poland and looking for post harvest processing machine to get hemp seeds after drying up hemp. Any advice about small machinery for that process?
      Zbig. Rozek

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