Industrial Hemp Investing Question

I am interested in supporting the industrial aspect of the hemp industry – production of paper, car interiors, upholstery stuffing, carpeting, work clothing, fuel, etc. – by investing in companies which manufacture these things from hemp. I am a  horticulturist who cares deeply about our earth’s health and see this as an opportunity to help. Could you please steer me in this direction? Robert Bourne

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  1. Hi, I’m also interested in investing in industrial hemp products. Does anyone know of any public stocks, or other related news on this?

  2. Hello to all interested people in hemp business!
    We are the makers and only owners of Cannabia®.
    Cannabia ® (born 3/1996 in Germany) is the first legal hemp containing beverage of mankind (since 1516).
    In the meantime we have done a subsequent Trade Mark designation for the USA for our TM Cannabia, and are waiting the decision.

    We have started today searching for investors and/or distribution rights interested companies only over search engine results that will be working in few hours or days from now, depending on Google´s speed for this.

    Please visit the quite ready page for cannabia under:

    Hemp flavour is our expertise. The scratch & smell postcards should be a good product for the USA, as a political, teaching and joking postcards.
    The THC-free sweets are a runner in the Netherlands.
    Our Cannabis® perfume could be a good product for next year´s Christmas there…

    I believe that we can do lots of things in cooperation with good willing companies. Cannabia® is getting bigger and we need money/investors to ensure market developments.

    For this we offer from now on distribution or production rights for money and cooperation.

    Last country that started distribution is South Korea (Nov. 15/2010 starts distribution there) . See: or this one:

    Please answer to me: Alfredo Dupetit-bernardi under:

  3. Iindusm like heather, I m looking for an opportunity to invest in the hemp industry. Is ther any advice you can give me on where to start and what and who to invest in?

  4. I am looking for an investment opportunity in the hemp industry. Do you have any advice on where to start or any investment information about this company? Thanks

  5. Please see Greener Global Solutions Inc. at sites like or I know that this company is located in Portland Oregon and they are devoted to sustainability with Industrial Hemp. They are the Founders of Hemp Fuel going mainstream including textiles, clothing, cosmetics, food for human consumption and feed for animals and also building materials for construction sites etc. These guys are great. Check them out. They are looking for investors!!

  6. If anybody is interested in buying hemp products we are the people to talk to.

    Just let me know what you need.

  7. katalin Oszlanczi

    Hello there.

    Have initially100 acre of land available to grow industrial hemp in spain ,more in Bolivia.Already working with biomass-recicleing olive cuttings,olive seeds,almond seeds.
    Would like to know if its legal to grow hemp in Bolivia.Also interested everything about the market overseas.

  8. My mother wants to start a business making hemp clothing: Slings, Cloth diapers, Sanitary napkins, wrap skirts, yoga pants and thats what she wants to start out with and then she/we will go to making a larger variety of clothing. We would really appreciate it if you could get back to us

  9. I saw your question on NIAHC. Perhaps you might be interested in our vision to build processing plants in USA for industrial hemp. Our joint venture partners are Hemcore (as linked on our website) and they have the business model we will be using in Canada & USA.


    Greg Flavell

    • For over a decade i have been ready to facilitate this type of thing with strong partners. Have been attempting to reach out to the People in Canada to do something here in the u.s. with no luck…
      get with me ASAP i have my finger on the pulse
      213 572 7351
      Hemp Mayor

  10. send me an e-mail, i’m working on skateboards

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