Oxalate Content of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Milk

Can you tell me the oxalate content of hemp seeds and hemp seed milk?Thanks, Susan Owens

23 responses to “Oxalate Content of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Milk

  1. The Trying Low Oxylates yahoo group has oxylate values for hemp seeds but not the milk.

  2. I can see that many of us have kidney stone problems and hopefully the University of Chicago’s website on oxalates will shed some information on this subject.

  3. Sandra Frankel

    I use a hemp powder by NAVITAS NATURALS. It has a lot of magnesium in it which I have read stops the absorption of oxalates. But this is something I am just learning about, so investigate this for yourself. I recommend looking up Dr Shaw at gpl4u.com.

    • Christine Schindler

      Calcium ingested at the same time as foods with oxalates will bind in the stomach to oxalates and lessen the amount of oxalate being absorbed and carried to the kidneys and the bound oxalate will be passed through the bowel instead. For proper absorption and utilization of calcium, you need a ratio of approx. 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium.

  4. Latest research claims that kidney stones are basically cause by salt and too much animal protein see Dr Michael Graeger video

  5. If any one finds the oxylate content of hemp protein, please, yes, let us know!
    Hemp protein also contains chlorophyll. I have only 5 ft of small intestine and
    must be on a low oxylate, no soy, high protein diet. The oxylate part is the toughest to find solutions…what to eat?

  6. This lack of oxalate information really is frustrating, considering the nutritional value of Hemp seeds, oil, etc. Especiallyl when you factor in what an excellent source of Omega 3/6 fatty acids hemp products contain. I think I will write a respected hemp seed supplier and suggest that they underwrite the test. Kym

  7. http://grayson-youarewhatyoueat.blogspot.com/2010/10/pumpkin-seed-milk.html
    This article states that Hemp seeds are “very high in oxalates.”

  8. It seems that all the plant based protein I’ve found is unfortunately high in oxalates. So, I too am wondering about hemp. Help please!

  9. Yes please, let us know!

    I am starting to use hemp milk and hemp protein powder, but need to watch my oxalate intake for Kidney Stones. The recommendation is to consume no more than 200mgs per day of Oxalate.

    So what would be most helpful is a milligrams per weight .

  10. I firmly believe in the healing powers of hemp and am so happy to have found this site. I will be following you all too learn more. I am also very interested to know oxalate content of hemp milk.

  11. that link does not work anymore I too would be interested in the content of Oxalates in rice milk and Hemp Milk

  12. That articlae doesnt say where in the plant oxalate is found. This would be usefull to know how much is found in hemp protien powder, seeds and milk.

  13. Mary Anne Madison

    The presence of oxalic acid in hemp seeds is mentioned at the website below.


  14. Mary Anne Madison

    If anyone finds the answer, please let me know.

  15. If Hemp is to come back as a mainstram food…then the industry needs to act responsibley to consumers and research and inform the public about things like Oxalate content….I suffer from Kidney stones and I expect the Hemp Industry to list the Oxalate content, just like Rubarb,Spinach,and other foods.

  16. Good question, Susan. I was looking for the same answer. I know hemp is high in protien and GLA… good for toxin removal and to fight inflammation, but I can’t find the oxalte value anywhere.

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