To Waterproof Hemp Rope?

A friend of mine would like to use heavy duty hemp rope as an effect at the bottom of skirting board. She would like to treat it so that if she washes the floor, it does not absorb the water. Any ideas anyone? Jane Snell

7 responses to “To Waterproof Hemp Rope?

  1. If the rope will be a permanent fixture you should get by with a heavy coating of lacquer. It should soak up quite a bit of it before it holds on the surface so I would suggest soaking the rope in a shallow pan filled with the lacquer and applying directly to the surface adding nails every foot or so. As it dries it should shrink so the is no need to go overboard stretching between nails. Just mask off, work fast, and maybe find a mat formula if you don’t want the sheen

  2. Rub down with bees wax

  3. Would Thompsons water sealer work on Manila rope?

  4. I am trying to remedy the same situation. I make little furniture and crafts from recycled coffee sacks.. I have a request for outside box need to experiment on the fabric.. Have an idea… cut some pieces of sack… soak one in boiled linseed and the other in melted wax.. and leave outside in the elements for a few weeks and see what happens. Still dont think anyone could guarantee any type of proctection against the elements as nature is stronger than the human hand. Always worth the effort of a trial though?? Any ideas would be good reading.

  5. I also would like to water proof a rope with tung oil or linseed. I believe it needs to be saturated, not just on the outside of the rope, so how would I go about it?

    I thought about soaking it in a bucket, but I wonder if it would ever dry properly. Thinning the oil might help?

  6. Hemp rots due to capillary action which allows it to seem dry while still holding water. To avoid this, a dry hemp rope must either be ‘tarred’ with a surface waterproofing substance, or imbued with a liquid plastic substance, (like Tung Oil) which will pass into the fiber capillaries and prevent water from accumulating there.

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