Short Hemp Fiber Wanted for Plaster Reinforcement

I work for a strawbale builder in Southern California, and we are looking for a source of short (3-4 mm) hemp fibers. These would be used as a filler and reinforcement for earth plasters that are sprayed onto strawbale structures. Our sprayer clogs up if the fibers are much longer than 3-4 mm. We have had the best success so far with the undigested fibers in horse manure, but this presents some large scale processing and aesthetic problems. We have a sample of 3 inch hemp fiber intended for use in paper and as a cement reinforcement but it is too long. We tried cutting it to shorter lengths but the fibers tend to cling to each other, which is probably a desirable quality in other applications but not in ours. Does anyone produce a shorter, coarser fiber that would not stick to itself so much?

4 responses to “Short Hemp Fiber Wanted for Plaster Reinforcement

  1. Hello, I am looking for some Short Hemp Fiber Wanted for Plaster Reinforcement. I live in Markham Ontario, Canada. Your help will be appreciated.

    You can contact me at –
    (905) 201-1225

    Or feel free to e-mail-


  2. We may have some thing of interest to you. We are processor of short hemp fibers and hurd used for different forms of composites. We supply a company for use in a form of concrete. We also use our product blended with urethane as a core product for tables and counter tops. Fiber lengths can be 1/8 inch to 1 in If you are still interested in products Contact Wally Avanti Polymers

  3. I am a farmer in Ontario, Canada and I am currently looking at ways to transform large round bales of hemp (from the production of seed) fibre to smaller industrial use sizes and to separate the components of fibre, hurd and dust. Are you still looking for hemp fibre for plastering? Although production would be limited initially, the cost would be reasonable and the shipping would be less than you think. Please contact me via email and we can discuss this further. Dan Scheele

  4. Our company produces a similar product to what you are looking for. It is a mixture of hemp hurd (30%) and hemp fibre (70%) at 4mm or less. We us it as a Hydro-mulch product for spraying on road cuttings, golf courses and mining sites to stabilize exposed earth against erosion and to establish grass and other vegetation. I believe that this product could also be used in your application. Price EXW Dalby, Queensland, Australia is AU$ 875/tonne (US$670). I understand that sea freight from Brisbane is about the same or cheaper than road freight from Canada but I am not sure. A 20ft shipping container would probably hold 10 tonnes which I would estimate as the minimum worth shipping. Please check out our web site for more information on our company. Regards, Phil Warner, Managing Director, Ecofibre Industries Limited, Tel, +61 7 3366 0889, Fax, +61 7 3366 0890, Mob, 0412 162030,

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