Kansas Questions?

Would the wild hemp left over from WW II era in Kansas be considered industrial hemp? Are there different varieties for seed or fiber? What would the dollar value per acre for a hemp crop be and where would a grower sell the crop grown in Kansas? Bill Marr

2 responses to “Kansas Questions?

  1. Hi, I too have land in Kansas and have watched the insanity of growing crops like wheat which we are subsidized to grow, subsidized not to grow, and insured if it does not grow, all for not much $ return after using ammonium based fertilizers etc. etc…….then to watch the Dea who we also pay $ for come out and spend time removing a non-smokable low THC plant. Is there momemtum at all in Kansas to change this?

  2. Dear Bill Marr, I read your question pertaining to hemp in Kansas. Actually yes, most of that volunteer hemp in Kansas is just, well industrial hemp. It’s definitely NOT female marijuana plants. It’s all a bunch of industrial hemp. The local sheriffs put up signs “Destroy These Plants If You See Them” in western Kansas, a terrible waste of tax payers’ money. In the future there will be different varieties of seeds to sow for seed or fiber, and the average yield would render about $300-$860 an acre minus your overhead. Currently, until the DEA stops raiding hemp farms, there is nowhere to process hemp in the USA , except for Lexington, Kentucky where equipment is left over from before the WWII era. So once hemp is legalized there will have to be processing plants built.

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