Industrial Hemp in India?

Kindly update and advise me regarding industrial hemp cultivation in India.

#1. Yes I would like to know that too!! I am going to return to India in late Sept to start an orphanage and am looking into manufacturing garments from hemp that has been FINELY milled ( as most hemp available is really too thick as I do high end frocks from antique silk saris but would love to branch into hemp as cotton, well it just takes too much water). So I know there is a lot of organic land in Utturanchal ( a state in the north eastish of India ) and I would be interested in growing and or milling and buying finely milled hemp. Any comments suggestions further contacts greatly appreciated.Yours sincerely, Jayney Galbraith,

5 responses to “Industrial Hemp in India?

  1. Ashutosh Pandey……..surely there are hemp factories and farms all over India…what about manali?…… I need to see a factory because I also want to do hemp business Australia,but no one remembers how to weave cloth…ha .ha..but we need tea towels and table cloths,and nobody is making!

  2. hemp needs now toxic sprays where cotten well lets not go there hemp has oil hemp harts which are good for you there are small mills avalabel jus look on the net left overs can be feed to cattle yoused to cook with it goes on use the web nolage is bliss cal

  3. adithya kidambi

    hey any comments on what the scene with hemp cultivation in india is

  4. Jimmy Moriarty

    Hi guys, Got any info yet? I’d also like to know whether you can grow industrial hemp in India.

    If you do, please share..


  5. Ashutosh Pandey

    We are interested in cultivation of industrial Hemp here in India Kindly help us how we can get legal permission here in India
    Ashutosh Pandey
    S-44&45, Mandakini Society Kolar Road, Bhopal 462042
    Madhya Pradesh

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