Hemp Tarp or Sail?

I am looking for a distributor or manufacturer who can produce a tarp or sail made out of hemp. Any information would be great. Thank you, dylanjwilder@aol.com

8 responses to “Hemp Tarp or Sail?

  1. I am looking for a 41′ x 9′ & 25′ x 41′ hemp tarps for my future shipping container garage & home.

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  3. me too, for a two mast boat…

  4. Yep, Im also seeking some hemp tarps.

  5. I am looking for a 20×20 hemp tarp or larger for my condominium project. Any input is greatly appreciated.

  6. I am looking for hemp ‘sail’ material for original restoration of a 1930’s small yacht. Any ideas?

  7. i would be interested in a numder of sizes of hemp tarps to sell in our retail store if i can find them

  8. Make that 2 of us. I am looking for a 10×20 hemp tarp to replace the cheap poly tarps that just don’t last on my canopy framework in the Arizona sun & wind.

    I would rather support the hemp industry than the cotton farmers. i.e. no canvas please.

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