Hemp Plastic?

How can hemp be made into plastic?

4 responses to “Hemp Plastic?

  1. Zelfo International at Zelfo Asset Trust, PO Box 1069, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482, AUSTRALIA http://www.zelfoshop.com/index.php Eric Friend

  2. Contact Art Caron at Kenex: art@kenex.com

  3. I am a plastics extrusion manufacturer interested in Hemp resin.Do you know if there is any resin available for me to try? I use recyclable food grade thermal for my patented energy saving GREEN Lighting & No Freeze Water hose products. But I would prefer to use Hemp Plastics. Regards, Roger Walsh, Everlastic Plastics Inc., 107 John St. S. Belleville Ont. k8N 3E5 613-962-8683. See a few of my products @ http://www.everlasticplastics.com

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