Hemp Paper for the President?

I need to locate a hemp paper maker that can provide me with a 25″ by 30″ handmade document for a document that will be presented to the White House. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Organic Zack

#1. Have you completed your project yet? I know the perfect person that would be able to assist you here in Canada. Let me know if I can help. Contact me at: Dan Scheele, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

3 responses to “Hemp Paper for the President?

  1. after seeing ur current president,. youd be better off replacing him with a hemp one,. xD
    n2m money supply,. of all the needs,. paper, food, fuel, plastics,clothings,medicines,etcetcetcetcetc,. it should be the new money supply too,. if could get the right money printers,. & Everybody should be allowed to freely grow it & sell to printers/medicines/clothesetcetc,. as per grading yadayda,. but hey we all killing each other over fake unbacked paper printed out by hitlers bosses rothschilds same ppl pay gilard, obama,any country answers to UN/Israel /IMF ,. etc,. meh,. sry for the rant ,. may u hav found ur sheet,. if not ,. find a smoker who maybe able to get a plant & youtube ‘making paper frm hemp’ or something ,. pretty easy do with stem & shouldnt be to hard providing ur not a nazi going to lag thm in for growing natural plant,. genesis 1:29 ,. May the Ignorant Repent & Help Restore GoODness to Our World.

  2. Wax, or simply let them be. They should last for years depending upon how much abrasion they receive. I’d wax high-use areas though. Greg

  3. How about 13×19? Thank you and regards, Rick Smith rick@greenfieldpaper.com

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