Hemp Paper Cups?

I am interested in manufacturing hemp paper cups. I am looking for resources for the type of hemp paper needed for pressing cups. Or do you know of any other companies already doing this?

#1.  I will be in need of hemp paper cups and lids for my cafe, as well as hemp plastic cups, and other food service/office supplies related items made from hemp. Please contact me and let me know if you can help me. Thank you for your time! Eric Friend  or greenerside@globalhemp.com http://greenersidecafe.bravehost.com

10 responses to “Hemp Paper Cups?

  1. chris kilgore

    Alibaba has lots of cups. maybe all made in china. Huali Ecopack. is one company. I saw.

  2. Hey. We started work on hemp products here in Lithuania. Now we are working on hemp cup prototipe as well a production line. We got hemp legal here three years ago.

    • Please give me your contacts. :)))

    • Kausiukas, could i contact you for a university project?
      I am very interested in learning more about this, email me on facebook
      cleo bennoun

    • Hi Kausiukas,

      I am interested in starting a hemp based product manufacturing site here in the UK, would you be able to provide me your contact details so I can discuss with you your experience so far?



  3. Robert Haukenberry

    Has anyone continued to seek options for hemp paper/plastic cups. I also am interested in developing and/or utilizing a company that currently offers these types of products. Thank you all and keep up the good fight!

  4. Any luck on the hemp cups?

  5. Hi, I’m searching for hemp fibreboard or alike to be made into cardboard, paper or kraft boxes.
    Can’t find it anywhere, any suggestions?

  6. I was searching for the same thing. My company uses paper cups and someone put up a flyer complaining about the amount of trees we kill, so I looked for some hemp paper cups but can’t find any. I’d be interested in starting a hemp paper cup business with a few people personally. Seems to be an opening in the market for it.

  7. Why are you looking to find/make hemp paper cups?

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