Hemp Paper Bags, Clothes & Linens

I’m looking for a supplier for hemp paper bags. I have a hemp shop, and I don’t want to use ordinary paper bags. I think it defeats the purpose of my shop If you know of any suppliers of this kind, please let me know. I also need suppliers of hemp clothes and linens.

#2. Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and also manufacture for ourselves and also for many other eco companies. Please mail me back if this is of help to you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh The Hemp Shop Ltd
#1. This site has quite a number of products that may suit: http://www.happyplanet.com.au

One response to “Hemp Paper Bags, Clothes & Linens

  1. Ram sharan Neupane

    Nest Creation offers varieties of quality Nepalese handicrafts including fashionable garments, lokta paper, hemp paper, nettle paper, hemp bags, nettle bags , hemp hats, hemp knitting bags, nettle knitting bags, hemp stoles ,hemp clothes in more than 200 different textile designs, hemp carpets, hemp bath mats, door mats, hemp jewelry, hemp table ware, hemp interior decoration accessories, pashmina stoles, sweater, scarves, many different felt bags, for export all over the world. We encourage our customers to request and suggest custom designs. One’s imagination is the only limit. Nest Creation can provide you all kind of hemp, nettle products. If you are interested in our products, please kindly contact us fiberofhemp@yahoo.com Ramsharan Neupane, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Ram sharan Neupane

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