Hemp Oil Yields?

How much hemp oil is produced from one acre of industrial hemp?  Walter

How much hempseed oil is produced  per tonne of seed? How much seed per acre? Thanks, Beatrice & Ray Rankin

2 responses to “Hemp Oil Yields?

  1. what variety is the best to grow for medical use (cbd) and can it be grown effectively indoors, california

  2. Andreas Sommer

    The yield obviously depends on the type of seed. Which again depends on the area you want to grow the seed in. Yield varies from 0.6t to 2.4t per hectare, depending on variety.
    Usually hemp had been grown for fiber, thus most of the THC free varieties are not very good in seed/oil production. There are only a few (Finola and some Australian variety) seed carrying germinations which easily hover in the 2t/hectare range. Andreas Sommer

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