Hemp for Haiti?

I am trying to find any legislation, either banning or permitting, the cultivation of industrial hemp in the country of Haiti. I am working on a paper for my parish Haiti Ministry concerning infrastructure development, environmental rehabilitation, and development of an agricultrual crop rotation that would be beneficial to both the environment and the local economy. Any information would be of huge benefit. I would also like to find any organizations or companies interested in partnering in my plan. For more information please contact Stuart Kocher

Stuart, I’m kind of in the same boat. I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean and was thinking about contacting the Ministry of Agriculture on my island about growing hemp instead of relying on the dying banana market. Maybe we can coordinate efforts to get something growing (going). Please contact me or post something here! Annmarie Barnes


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  1. Any Updates on this? I’m currently in Haiti and about to meet with the Minister of Health concerning an upcoming agriculture project and I would really like to know more.

  2. Hi,
    I really like hemp seed agriculture and i want to get more information about it. I want to grow it in haiti to help them. If you have any info pls contact me

  3. Hello, Has anyone really worked on Hemp in Haiti? Where can I find certified seeds? I would like to pursue with some production. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Best guess is to contact Canada for seed depending on what you want to do (ex. oil, hempcrete, etc). Joining the HIA will help you greatly….good luck!

  4. Last entry for this was April 2013….does ANYONE have any info or updates on this?

  5. According to this article, “Hemp can currently be legally grown in every country of the world – except the United States.” See http://newhaiti.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/hemp-for-hait/

    Sincerely yours,


    • Not true. I hacve beeb trying to grow hemp in PANAMA and current legislation prohibits “cannabis” in any form. Am currently working with legislators on amending the law….’nuff said.

  6. This sounds great. I have been researching this concept as well.

  7. Any word on the legality of growing hemp in Haiti? I am very interested in this. Check out the shelter I designed that incorporates urban agriculture and growing hemp. http://www.jclayenvironments.com/portfolio/haiti-disaster-relief-concept/4578758

  8. Please keep me in the loop on this! I had the same idea too and am delighted to know that something is happening. When I saw footage of Haitians eating “bon bons de terre” (dirt cookies to you and me) I was horrified and immediately thought of the nutritious Hemp seed. Building with it obviously great too. I’m in the UK and have friends involved in Hemp foods here. Will subscribe below. Thanks for the information!

  9. Alison Kempster

    Yes, I’m also looking forward to hearing David’s results very much. I have only just found this page but have been wanting to use hempcrete in Haiti for a couple of years. Have had to build without it, unfortunately. (Not affected by the earthquakes fortunately.) Just renewed my research to see if hemp is available yet as I need more concrete to build ‘arborloos (see Practical Action’s tech page on ecological sanitation: =http://practicalaction.org/practicalanswers/product_info.php?cPath=22_82&products_id=296&attrib=1 ) and as I’m working with peasant farmers, am considering all alternative cropping possibilities so, the fact that hemp is such an excellent protein source and may be on its way, is very exciting. Hope the trip’s successful David. I should be out there for June. I’d love to hear from you. Anyone else making good progress?

  10. I am so glad to find out so many people out there had the same idea as me! Haiti could sow the hemp seed, feed all of the people… Hemp produces the highest protein seed on earth. They could make there clothes, make hemp biomass energy for power, build their houses out of hemp press board. run their cars on hemp seed oil, build their roads out of hempseed oil based asphalt, replenish their agriculture and on and on. The possabilities are endless. I would advise the same path for all of us in America and the rest of the world. Haiti could become the model for the world to follow in order to acheive a clean, healthy, sustainable way of living on this planet.

  11. David, please keep us informed about your trip to Haiti and any developments. I would also like to know if you are developing a Concentrated Hemp Protein similar to the tasteless 70% that is on the market.

  12. I am going to Haiti this week to explore the opportunity to assist farmers and empower them to grow Hemp. I am a board member of Living Harvest http://www.livingharvest.com. Living Harvest is the largest hemp food company. They sell Hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp seed and yummy hemp ice-cream. Living Harvest is interested in sourcing its hemp seeds from Hatian farmers as a way to help the local economy.

  13. Hi- Please let me know if I can assist. I have asked about the regualtions law in Haiti around hemp. 8oo-289-4367

    Anndrea with
    http://www.hempoilcan.com, http://www.hemptrade.ca, http://www.thehia.org, http://www.votehemp.com

    • I have been asking the same question on this forum for ages. If anybody knows anything, it would be nice to get it out in the open now, or I don’t see the point in this discussion group! Why are we discussing Industrial Hemp for Haiti if, after several years, it is still totally unclear whether this would be legal or not? If anyone reading this actually knows the answer please do include me in your response. I got a bit fed up with the whole thing but I would like to be involved in getting a project off the ground if indeed there is not already a prohibition law in place.

      Thanks – Diana Trimble, England

      Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 12:40:59 +0000 To: dianarama@hotmail.co.uk

      • According to this article, “Hemp can currently be legally grown in every country of the world – except the United States.” See http://newhaiti.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/hemp-for-hait/

        Sincerely yours,


        • Thanks Mike. From what I understand though, while there may not be explicit laws elsewhere, it is certainly a suppressed crop and one that would be difficult to get funding for in many, many more countries other than the United States.

          For example, if there is no legal barrier to producing Hemp in Haiti to solve that country’s horrific nutritional problems at the very least, why on earth hasn’t anything gotten off the ground? I’ve been a member of this group or looking at the website, searching the Internet on this topic for literally years and I see nothing happening despite there being an evident abundance of folks out there with the same good idea.

          What’s the dealio, yo?

          I suspect that the US view of industrial hemp is the problem, even though it would appear to be out of jurisdiction. I am guessing that most funding for projects in Haiti would come from the US? I don’t know – what other reason could there be why this project can’t get off the ground?

          Truly am interested. Would like to see this materialize. All the best

          Diana Trimble England

          Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 23:42:03 +0000 To: dianarama@hotmail.co.uk

  14. P.S. The United Nations may have to issue you a permit to import Hemp Seeds. Also, there are many factors required in picking a suitable variety for Haiti and more than one may be needed.

  15. Keep me posted. I work with Experts that deal with Hemp Seed in Finland, Canada and Mexico that might be able to help you pull this off.
    Please let me know if you need help with your Hempforhaiti.org website.

    Call anytime at 208-853-5110 or visit http://GlyCop.com for a contact link.

  16. I will also like to be apart of any wnture that can be apart of bringing HEMP to Haiti. If we can put the haitian people to work cultivating, manufacturing biofuels and building products. In addition reaping the profits from this to rebuild he country physically and econimically this would be a magnificent thing.

  17. We are doing something about it! Hempforhaiti.org will be up and running very shortly, but you can add us on facebook!

  18. Also Hemp concrete should be explored now that Port-au-Prince needs to be rebuilt

  19. I have been interested in bringing Hemp to the Caribbean as a whole, it will make countries like Haiti self sufficient. I would be happy to help any initiative that works along these lines to help the people first.

    • Hello Moises,

      I was wondering if you have any updates on this situation. We’re a relatively new organization, and we’re looking to grow hemp in Haiti. We need contacts, and info on the viability of this project.

      Any input would be much appreciated.

      Many thanks,

      Québec, Canada

  20. I am interested in the idea of growing hemp in Haiti and started doing some research on the topic. How has it worked out for you guys?

  21. I live in Haiti and I’m also planning to grow hemp. I have contacts at the minister of agriculture and the minister of commerce. I have to check with them to see if it’s legal. Maybe we could help each other. I ‘m located in the capital. Hemp seems the way to go to protect the environment. Bamboo is also very good .

    • I am writing to find out if you got in touch with the Minister of Agricluture and Minister of Commerce in Haiti and checked to see if growing Industrial Hemp is legal in Haiti. Please respond because I am trying to start a movement towards rebuilding Haiti based on the many uses of industrial hemp.

      • Hello Will,

        I am a member of a non-profit organization in Belgium, which has plans to develop channels of growing, harvesting, processing and production of hemp products useful for the population.

        Our goal is training and economic empowerment of the Haitian people.

        Hemp, as you know, is more interesting in a perspective of social reconstruction, economic environment in mind.

        My Haitian colleague will be soon present during one month in Haïti to achieve the beginnings of a feasibility study.

        It would be interesting to join forces to create the spirit of hemp in Haiti.

        Thank you

        Cédric Lionnet
        Aktina asbl

        Ps contact me on my mail directly

    • Hi, I also have a project to grow Hemp in Haiti. Just starting, but I was wandering if you had in information about the legal side of growing Hemp in Haiti.
      Thank you

    • If hemp is not legal, search for Kenaf and consider planting it instead.

    • Hello Barbara,

      I stumbled upon a post you left on hemp for Haiti website, and was wondering if you have any updates on this. We’re a relatively new organization, and we’re looking to grow hemp in Haiti. We need contacts, and info on the viability of this project.

      Any input would be much appreciated.

      Many thanks,

      Québec, Canada

    • Hello Barbara,

      I’d like to know if you’ve found out about the legality of hemp. We’re an organization raising money to buy hemp to send down. We’ll probably end up buying fertilizer too. Do you know about the taxes on imported goods? Also, do you know of any available fields? Say a hectare of land? Are you familiar with Finola? It’s an oilseed hemp variety, we’re trying to find the best one for Haiti.

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