Comparing Biofuel Costs

I would like to know the yield and cost comparison of industrial hemp vs crude oil if used as a biofuel. I would imagine you would look at a cost/acre for hemp and a cost/gal of biofuel as compared to cost/bbl of oil and the cost/gal of gasoline?

3 responses to “Comparing Biofuel Costs

  1. the best way to make fuel from hemp is pyrolisis, which is heating to high temperature anaerobically (no air, like making charcoal). This process yields “syngas”, which is a mixture of methane, hydrogen and other gases. The methane can be converted to liquid methanol fuel, which is an excellent high-octane vehicle fuel (114) used in high-performance dragsters. methanol can be combined with gasoline to run any vehicle. the hydrogen can also be used. the residue from this process is biochar, which is an excellent soil amendment. Pyrolisis is a very efficient process, well suited to the high biomass production of industrial hemp. Methanol fuel derived from hemp grown on only 6% of the land area of the US could power the country’s entire vehicle fleet.

  2. Patrick Kennedy

    Try downloading this prospectus for algae oil production. I believe it shows some relative cost effective comparisons.

  3. I 2nd the question, if there’s any way you could CC me if you answer it.

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