Raw Hemp Buyers?

Where can I obtain information describing the buyers of raw industrial hemp? Thank you in advance.

A #1. We are always looking for raw hemp sources.Yitzac Goldstein, Hemptex, Member of the GreenChina Textile Group

65 responses to “Raw Hemp Buyers?

  1. **Can supply 100’s of kilos of CBD oil and Isolate (powder and crystal) any other hemp needs coming soon industrial fiber, seed, and private labeling. Looking for contracts for this season ASAP.
    Contact Corey at: 2076502983**

  2. I have hemp seed and hemp oil for sale squeeze or not squeezed organic seed from last year crop.

  3. I have raw hemp oil that we squeezed from our hemp seed organic or I do have regular hemp seed that we harvested last year it is not hot tested good

  4. I am a farmer in Ontario interested in growing hemp. I’m wondering how I would be able to find a company that would purchase it.

  5. I am looking to line up buyers for High CBD Hemp oil from crops in Colorado.
    I have at least 12 farmers with product, and more to come.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Frank Bassetti
    Pure Karma-Ceuticals, LLC

  6. I am looking to make connections with buyers for High CBD Hemp. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity.
    Frank Bassetti

  7. Looking for buyers to negotiate terms for 2017 for immediate contract. Serious inquiries. Needed immediately.

  8. Greetings from Croatia,

    As the time for the hemp harvest is near, the time for making good partnerships is perfect!
    I believe in first impressions, they say “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, and I do need a friend like you now!

    We are producers of hemp from Croatia and this year is our second year in hemp cultivation.
    We are producing few varieties of hemp of which are some : Kompolti, Fedora 17, Futura 75, Carmaghnola CS, etc.

    Our job is to provide you with the best quality material you can get on the market and this is where our focus is, on researching, developing and quality control. Our goal is not just to sell, but to build a long term business relationship that is worth having it.

    We have a supply chain in Croatia of every possible raw material made from hemp which is cultivated mostly at high organic standards. We can provide you with organic, transition period organic or conventional hemp products.

    In need of partner who needs this type of material :

    – grain conventional/organic/transition
    – leaves and flowers conventional/organic/transition
    – hurds, stick, bales, fiber
    – cbd oil (if wanted you need to tell me which type of extraction do you prefer)

    For all of those materials we provide the following documentation and professionalism.

    If you find this as your interest, we are here to help you fulfill the demand.

    Looking forward to your answer.


    Marko Cerjan
    CER-CO ltd
    Biljevec 76
    42243 Maruševec
    Vat Nr : 58615427252
    Mobile : 00 385 98 940 8666

  9. Looking for buyers to purchase raw hemp. I will be growing hemp for the year 2017 .

  10. 8.16.2016—Vermont, organically grown, Finola crop (tested and under .3% THC) about 1 week away from harvest available for purchase. @2,000 lbs. harvest weight—dry weight TBD. Crop can be sold raw or processed (dried/separated). Crop sample was just sent in for cannabinoid level testing—should be high CBD content.

  11. Looking for a buyer of hemp. We can grow as much as you want. please contact me with some info.

  12. Will be growing 100 acres of hemp in Laos, looking for potential buyers now, please contact me immediately

  13. We will have approximately 10,000# of Industrial Hemp by October near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We are seeking buyers.

  14. will have 70 acres of Futura 75 hemp available late september, early october. am located in Tonopah nevada. any interest out there buyers?

  15. Planning to grow 100 acres of hemp in a state in u.s where it is legal. Buyers and investors please reply!

  16. Hemp seeds suppliers

  17. Dear sir,
    we are located in uttranchal india and we are supplier of hemp seed pl cont any requirement.

  18. I’ve got anywhere from 1-10 acres of raw hemp that I will be growing for research purposes in the summer of 2016, and I am looking for information on some purchasers. Hoping to find someone close to Michigan.

  19. German Burtscher

    Looking for 1000lbs of hemp for testing a CBD extraction process in our lab. Please provide sources or offers.

    • Hi I am starting a 10 hectare grow in 2016 and looking for buyers for all parts, will will be completed in September 2016. Could you send me an e mail address and company details and I Can send more information. Thank you

    • German Burtscher, are you still looking for a source for hemp? i am looking for buyers. We will be growing 100 acres of hemp in laos, and our investors would like potential buyers lined up.

    • Hi German,

      Vermont, organically grown, Finola crop (under .3% THC) about 1 week away from harvest available for purchase. @2,000 lbs. harvest weight—dry weight TBD. Crop can be sold raw or processed (dried/separated). Crop sample was just sent in for cannabinoid level testing—should be high CBD content. Please let us know if you are interested.

      Chris Thomas
      (802) 254-1290

  20. Do not do business with this company they are scam con artists

    • which company are you referring to? we are going to grow hemp this year and do not have a buyer for product as of now

  21. Ajacannafacturing.com is in need of 100 pounds of CBD rich raw materials for multiple research projects. Please contact me if you my have any leads on where we might get a these materials as well as set up a partnership with our organizations to benefit this community. Thank you for your time.

    Jesse Lopez
    Vice President of Az4NORML
    (520) 238-2503

  22. I am a potential buyer of industrial hemp. I am looking specifically for CBG and CBD rich hemp.

    • hello, my name is Dean. I have a piece of land which is ideal for hemp cultivation, it is 200 or less hectares. drop me a message thru my email if you are interested in investing. Our country is already passing the bill which could legalize industrial uses of cannabis given with the correct legalities.

    • I have high CBD Hemp ready right now.

    • Our hemp Futura 75 at best will have a content of 2 1/2 %. however will have a seed that will contain 6 1/2 or more next year. am open to ideas

  23. I am trying to find out if and where or how industrial hemp with a high TLC can be used.

  24. Are there any North American buyers in the US? KY just ok’d the growing of Industrial Hemp. But if there is no market then is it worth the effort?

  25. In Lithuania we planing to grow 120-160 tones of Finola hemp seeds. We are looking for buyers. We can make shelled seeds, oil, protein.

  26. Hi, I am Rajnish from New Delhi, India. We are in the business of manufacturing banana fibre fabric. Apart from that, we are into Industrial Hemp supply. Any one interested, pls feel free to drop a mail at, rudriscororation@yahoo.com or at: rudraecorich@yahoo.com

  27. I have acquired land in Belize and will be growing copious amounts of organic industrial hemp in the next few months. We will also have eco-friendly shipping via sail-cargo, and bio/hemp fuel.

    If you are interested in speaking about possibly importing from us, please contact:


  28. For all your hemp or medical cannabis requirements in the USA or Canada please contact me directly. bmdraper@hotmail.com

    Thanks and awaiting your detailed responce.


  29. hi there,

    I have over 1000 acres on which im looking to plant industrial hemp. Its perfectly legal in my country and im a private 100% organic farmer. Any and all interested parties looking to purchase can reach me at casiegbu@gmail.com

  30. could anyone please let me no where i can buy some hemp seed for planting.
    i am planning on planting over 100 ac in Wisconsin in 2012.
    law or no law. are economy needs a new sour and i no hemp is one key

  31. Hello there,

    we have raw hemp available with us at the moment and we can supply you at anytime. We are located in Nepal and transportationwise as well there shouldn’t be any problem.
    Awaiting your response.

  32. Hi tim

    How do I find out about planting a crop of hemp and where do I get informatiom on how to harvest


  33. Hey Tim,

    Have you sold your raw hemp yet? If so, What it profitable and lucrative? I am looking to sell raw hemp and seedstock.

  34. Hi there,
    Noticed your post. Are you still in the market for raw hemp sources by chance? We have a whole barn full and looking to sell.

    Please feel free to call me direct or email (613-230-3935 or timmills.home@gmail.com) -tim

  35. Do you buy hemp bales? and where are you located?

    • Hey John -did you find a buyer by any chance? looking to do the same actually… Any thoughts on potential buyers in Can or US?

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