Seed for Growth Trials?

I am a biologist at UC Berkeley and am interested in growth dynamics and pest control with industrial hemp. It seems that the only source of seed for commercial hemp may be from Canada, due to restrictions that make little sense to me. Could you let me know whether there is any way for me to get access to legal seed so that I can do some comparison growth trials here? I am actually conducting work on ecological impacts and control of invasive riparian plants, including Arundo donax (giant reed); however, I have side interests in Arundo and other plants, esp. hemp, for their potential as fiber and biomass sources when grown in the right places. Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

A #1. See or ( GenX brand). Both sell planting seeds but you will need a permit from DEA. Start the process but expect hassles. Try contacting David West who has a permit to grow hemp in Hawaii. There are several books, including The Cultivation of Hemp by Ivan Bocsa/Karus-call 419-281-1802 to order. Also John McPartland has a great huge book on hemp – seach the net or try Regards John Roulac

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