Searching for Hemp meal

I have read that hemp meal has an interesting nutritional profile. I was looking for a source and was wondering if you could give me a crusher to contact regarding a source of meal to do some experimentation with as a food ingredient. Thank you for you assistance.

5 responses to “Searching for Hemp meal

  1. Source hemp seedcake (extrusions, presscake) finally found after three suppliers gave reason for not selling it – using all extrusions for making (more expensive) flour and protein powder. It is available in 50lb lots from Hemp Oil Canada Inc. Upon its arrival, we subdivided our lot into air tight containers, as was done in the past. The remnants of the Hempola product (in a tightly closed plastic container) from 2004 tasted the same as the newly arrived Hempoil product. Hemp seedcake has the value of hemp protein, the remaining oil and fiber. It is not an inferior product as some suppliers have written me (and elsewhere) while trying to convince me (and others) to buy their retail items; obviously not, since hemp seedcake is what they use to make many of those higher priced food products.

  2. First you must be clear about what you want. Often what is called hemp meal is actually de-fatted hemp presscake, the by-product of making hempseed oil. It has about 80 percent of the oil (and essential fatty acids) removed, hence the “de-fatted” nomenclature. It is sometimes also called hemp flour or presscake. Hempola is the largest producer of it, but theirs is not organic that I know of. Organic is available. Since it is an industrial by-product I have seen it sold for as low as 8 cents per pound (for every pound of hempseed oil made, another 4 pounds of presscake is made, so they often have way too much of it in stock). It’s a good animal feed, higher in protein. Because it has been subjected to the heat, light, and oxygen from oil extraction, it can be very unstable and prone to spoilage. As a food ingredient it is inferior, because of the aforementioned reasons but also because it darkens and makes the food gritty. Better for foods are hempseed oil and/or shelled hempseed. HempNut, Inc. can assist you with those products:

  3. Kenex is a good source of hemp meal.

  4. Recently my husband phoned Hempola in Barrie ON to inquire about buying another 20kg of hemp extrusions (de-fatted hemp presscake), which we obtained in October 2004 after trying a small amount the month before. As of this time, August 25, 2006, Hempola is no longer selling these which they marketed as “Animal Treats”. We found them good enough for our personal consumption and had made them (once ground) a regular part of smoothies, pancakes, hot cereal, and muffins, in small pieces in muesli and plain as a snack with dry fruit. I am currently seeking another source and found this Q&A while doing that online search

  5. Where can I get Hemp Meal for pet food in Australia?

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