Sculpture Resin Needed

I have interests in building outdoor sculptures. I had worked with ester/epoxy resins that do a good job. I am hoping for a natural source resin, preferably for this intended use. I understand there are exterior coatings that will boost the water repellency. I would hope to acquire enough resin (and coating) for a few smaller test sections. With future interests in a producing a five square meter sculpture barring a useable resin. I will combine wood for increased rigidity, hemp or kenaf/jute for fiber substance. Similar to glass/fiber composites of today. Thanks for any help.

2 responses to “Sculpture Resin Needed

  1. Hi,

    I am working on some Orgone energy sculpture projects and have found a uv curable 98% natural epoxy

  2. Ecopoxy Systems and Greenpoxy are two new products totally or partially made from vegetable oils. Ecopoxy claims alcohol cleanup. Cheaper than conventional epoxies.

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