Processing Hemp for Paper?

I am interested in getting information on processing hemp into toilet paper and hand towels. Also where you can buy the equipment needed to do it. Thank you, Don Keckley

A #5. Hi Dave, Well, if you find a way to make it… I will surely be one to buy it. Nobody has cornered this market, believe me, I have searched. A good place to look how to make it may be in the archives. I know that hemp toilet paper used to be manufactured before growing hemp in the U.S. became illegal. I am sure there must be some information there. Good luck!.
A #4. Does anybody know where I can purchase hemp toilet paper? Thank you, Marnie
A #3. I’m looking for information concerning the transformation of industrial hemp fibers. Is the processing of hemp to make paper similar to the traditional wood fiber methods? In the same sense, is it possible to transform an industry, already running with traditional machinery to make hemp paper without starting all over? Is it possible to adapt traditional machinery to make hemp?
A #2. Hi! I was wondering what the production process for hemp paper is. Does it need the same technology used for making paper from wood? Do you have any information on organosolov and biopulping of tree-free paper and would you know which is most commonly used?
A #1. I am also interested in processing hemp into toilet paper and paper towels. What kind of electrical needs would a small plant have?

4 responses to “Processing Hemp for Paper?

  1. What would it take to get the U.S.more involved ln raising hemp for other purposes,like plastic, rope and many other uses other than smoking.
    Hemp is a million dollar industry and would solve our unemployment problem. things like this need to be answered. Hemp can be used as toliet paper and paper towels among other things.

  2. Don,
    I have been seeking supply of Hemp Toilet Tissue for sometime. I would be very interested if you have any insight. I need very large quantities for use in schools and public facilities throughout the U.S. Please let me know if you have had any luck finding information or source.

  3. hello, i see you posted a few months ago, any lick with the t.p. hunt, just curious

  4. I need to purchase hemp toilet paper and hemp ink

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