Organic Hardener?

I would like to use hemp textiles as an alternative to fiberglass but I’m stuck on my search for an organic hardener as a safer substitute to epoxy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A #1.  I just heard about natural epoxy from the east coast of Africa and I think other Indian ocean countries where they build dhow sailing boats. The epoxy is from an ancient formula and I’m pretty sure it’s very cheap with the exchange rates and it can probably be made yourself. I know it’s for gluing the planks together but I could imagine it could be used on a smaller scale to perhaps glue the short blast fibers together before applying pressure to make plywood. The individual who posted the question, please get in touch with me Jay, at We might really be able to get somewhere with this.

2 responses to “Organic Hardener?

  1. please someone reply to me in regard to organic hardeners

  2. Ecopoxy Systems and Greenpoxy are two new products totally or partially made from vegetable oils. Ecopoxy claims alcohol cleanup. Cheaper than conventional epoxies.

    But WHERE did you get your fabrics! I’ve been searching all over, and getting NOTHING!

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