Opening Industrial Hemp Market in Portugal

I am a Portuguese entrepreneur, living in Lisbon, willing to invest in the wholesale and/or retail of hemp products in Europe, namely in Portugal. I also defend the values of the legalization cause and one of the best ways to promote it, I think, is to make hemp clothing and related industrial hemp products readily available to and accessible by, the greatest number of consumers. Here, in Portugal, we are a bit delayed. I wonder if you can help me finding hemp products suppliers that want to expand their activities to Europe in the form of franchises and support me with future contacts.

20 responses to “Opening Industrial Hemp Market in Portugal

  1. 8 years since you posted your offer. Curious as to the progress Portugal has made; specifically for use in construction. Is there a local supplier of hempcrete ? I am in Tomar and would appreciate any leads you my have.

    Thank you, sj

    • Sheila, have you found a local supplier in Portugal? I,too, am very interested. I live in São Miguel, Azores.

    • Hi Sheila, have you found any suppliers of hempcrete in portugal yet? I’m curious because I am looking into setting up a business to supply hempcrete there, any info on the industry there you can help with I appreciate it, thanks.

  2. I too, am very interested on the subject of Hemp, and it´s industry/cultivation . My family also has land in Algarve.

  3. I have stumbled onto this post being that I would also like to grow hemp in portugal and have some land there that belonged to my grandfather and hasnt been used in some time.
    Please feel free to contact me with any information on how I can go about this if you have any info on the matter. Very interested in growing sustainable hemp and possibly moving to portugal for good as I live in the states at this moment.
    thank you

  4. Camilla Hillberg

    My husband and I (Swedish) are about to move to Portugal. our plan is to settle in a quintinha in Faro and grow hemp for building products. We love the country and have done some farming before. I”m looking for information about hemp growing/laws in Portugal.
    Thank you

  5. Dear Sir,
    I would like to know if you can provide hemp insulation for houses and buildings? I beleive that there is a future for this type of insulation in Canada and especially for the Eco Housing and LEED certification.

    Esperando sus comentarios,

    Guy Fortier

  6. If hemp can be grown in portugal I have access to lots of hectars in the Algarve through family and friends.

  7. Dear Portuguese Entrepreneur, My name is Deborah Oliveira Olson. I am intrigued by your mission. My sister and partner, Dawn Oliveira and I have recently launched our company, Oliveira Textiles in Bristol, Rhode Island. We are promoting hemp as our base fabric for our first collection of custom fabrics for the home furnishings market. We are already planning our next collection which will be utilizing Romanian hemp and the fabrics will be printed with fiber reactive dyes in Portugal with a company working toward GOTS certification. Since we are Portuguese, we are extremely excited at the prospect of working with a Portuguese mill and being able to visit it ourselves. We also would love, love, love to have our product promoted in Portugal. I would invite you to visit our website to view our first collection. As a reminder these fabrics are best suited for accent pillows, draperies and conversational chairs. The next group using fiber reactive dyes would be suitable for heavy use upholstered furniture. We also can offer lighter weights in hemp/linen or hemp/silk for drapery etc…We too are very happy to be using sustainable hemp fabrics as a way of advancing the notion of a cleaner/healthier alternative in the textiles market. We look forward to building our company here and overseas. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in talking a bit more about the possibilities. Much thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I hope this reaches you as I noticed the last update for this Q & A file was October 3, 2007.
    Boas Festas,

    Dawn Oliveira – President & Creative Director
    Deborah Oliveira Olson – Vice President & Cofounder
    Deborah Oliveira-Olson
    “…Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it…”

  8. If you are interested in buying natural Hemp fiber too, I’m a producer and exporter of this product from ECUADOR, South America. Best regards, Marcelo Miranda

    • Hola, I would like to be in touch. I live in Ecuador, and am hoping to raise industrial hemp in Ecuador, but it appears I need a permit. How and where are you growing hemp for these products in Ecuador. Maybe we can collaborate and help each other.

  9. Our company Kenderfonó Ltd. is producing all kinds of hemp goods (twines, ropes, yarns, felt, fabrics etc.), that might fit for the Portuguese market. We are already selling in most European countries and we are searching for a retailer in Portugal. For more information please visit our web page: or send an e-mail:

  10. Dear sir: We are a South African based company. Please specify your needs and we will see what we can assist you in. We manufacture wholesale and retail hemp accessories, clothing and cosmetics. Looking forward to your reply. Best Regards Ms. Janene Deverneuil Green Leaf Afrika

  11. I would like to commend you on your willingness to promote industrial hemp. The products to be made from hemp number over 25,000. It is one of the most versatile raw materials known to man. I am co-owner of a fairly new U.S. company called The Quempery. We handcraft fine hemp quilts. We are trying to expand our market by adding a line of more hemp home furnishings and hemp apparel & accessories. Our home furnishings line would include such products as bath towels, shower curtains, furniture slipcovers and as many more as we can think feasible. All would be made of 100% hemp, of course. You can visit our website at to see our “Quemps” (hemp quilts). Our site is under construction however, so there is no navigation in it as of now. We will be updating it soon. The site does not reflect our wholesale pricing. We consider a purchase of five “Quemps” a wholesale order, and pricing is adjusted on variable volume orders.
    Our financial situation does not allow for expansion of the new lines we wish to pursue. We would be very interested in working with you to help create a marketplace for hemp products in your region.
    If you have any interest or questions for our company please e-mail us at . We are always looking for ways to help the market grow in hopes that we can help to show people all the possibilities that hemp has to offer. Thank You for your time. We’ll be anticipating you’re response.
    The Quempery, co-owners, Kari Aranzubia, Cristina Grosenbach, toll free: 1-866-486-5955

  12. I will be selling expensive UK-made shoes to anyone who wants to buy them from Autumn this year: we can work out prices. I am also interested to know if hemp canvas is available to factories in Portugal, as the canvas/plastic shoe factories there are easier to use than the UK one. Good luck. John Robertson VEGANLINE, FREEPOST LON 10506, LONDON, SW14 1YY,, 0800 458 4442 fax 0208 286 9947, online ordering

  13. The HanfHaus chain of hemp clothing and other consumer products may be what you are looking for. They appear to be exceptionally good quality and professional. They presently have stores in Berlin, Zurich, and Copenhagen and some other cities, but evidently not yet in Lisbon (or the US…). Their online site is – also in Spanish and English, in beta.

  14. I too live in Portugal. Can one grow industrial hemp with or without permission? Where can I obtain seeds? Hopefully I’ll acquire land in the Greater Lisbon area and build a bungalow using hempcrete blocks. Sorry I cannot help with your question – can you help with mine? Regards, Mike in Loures

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