Hemp vs. Trees

Please explain the relative merits from various perspectives, such as economics and environmental benefits.

A #1. One benefit with industrial hemp: Producers will be able to sell a crop every year, not every 10 to 15 years.


4 responses to “Hemp vs. Trees

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  2. I want to travel to poor/starving countries and teach them about hemp. Can you help?

  3. actually it isnt the best source for ethanol. check out the ames laboratory, of iowa state university, ames iowa. instead of corn and hemp ‘ethanol’ producing sub-500 gallons/acre, theyve managed to use nanotechnology to harvest ethanol from algae. without killing the plant, after the nanobe fills up and returns for harvest, the algae can get to making more ethanol. its yield per acre currently is 10,000 gallons. a considerable difference to make you think?? me too! im all for hemp being brought back for many uses, fuel is not one of them. its best for papers, textiles, cloth, pressed lumber and hemp seed food supplements. a triple crop for farmers… the fiber for paper, the stalks for textiles, and the seeds for food. no pesticides.. lil herbicides.. lower energy costs and pollution to process, its a wonder america still calls itself america with all the changes away from the founding fathers that we have seen.

    hemp for holistic habitation of humanity

  4. I am definitely in favor of the hemp industry. Our Constitution was written on hemp paper. Hemp is useful for many products besides rope and paper. It is used in bird food, but must be sterilized before it crosses the border. It is used in hats and clothes and also as a fabric to build houses, carpets, upholstery; and the seeds can be crushed for the oils. And it is suitable as an ethanol crop. Using it to make ethanol would not raise food prices. Hemp seeds are very nutritious too.

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