Hemp Trade

I am an MBA student at George Washington University, Washington DC. Currently doing research on hemp and am having difficulty finding some broad numbers relating to hemp trade in the US. I was hoping you would at least be able to point me in the right direction. Primarily, I am interested in finding current and historical data on such topics as:

  • Price per Metric Ton
  • US Imports in Dollars
  • US Exports of Hemp Products
  • Hemp Products consumed in the US in Dollars

If you know of any databases that contain such information I would appreciate the lead.

3 responses to “Hemp Trade

  1. How does one invest in or become an importer of hemp seed and oil?
    What industries within the U.S. utilize hemp?
    Are profits viable?

  2. The USDA report [published in Jan. 2000] contains inaccurate and incomplete data and is not a very good source of statistical data on industrial hemp. For example, they state that a square yard of hemp material costs $15 as compared to flax at $7.50. In fact, hemp fabric is available at far less than $7.50 per sq. yard and was when the report was written.
    Another example is the fact that USDA quotes import statistics showing 1.2 million (approx) in imports yet they never mention that most hemp imports do not come in under specific hemp import categories and therefore were not counted. This dramatically under-represents the actual size of imports.
    This report was poorly done and was prepared for ONDCP which had a specific agenda. Please don’t cite it as a useful source of information. Eric Steenstra

  3. Here is source of official USDA statistics on the industrial hemp market in the US.
    http://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/ages001e/ Best wishes for your paper.

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