Hemp Trade Shows – What Rules?

We have started a new company. We manufacture hand-made/hand dyed hemp quilts. We are also planning to expand to other hemp accessories such as towels, purses, etc. We firmly believe in the benefits of hemp and would like to see it legalized for growth in the U.S. We, in our inexperience, recently attended a hemp festival in Seattle, WA. We believed it to be strictly a hemp festival. We were very disappointed to learn that the major theme of the show was to legalize marijuana. People were actually smoking it in public. We will never attend this show again and now realize where the misconceptions regarding hemp/marijuana come from. Our question is this, are there any trade shows that deal strictly with hemp and hemp products that we could attend? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


2 responses to “Hemp Trade Shows – What Rules?

  1. Dear Entrepreneur, It’s good to hear that somebody is making quilts and towels from hemp. We have an R&D program regarding treatment of short flax fibre and have results for hemp fibre. We are looking possibility to find future customers for our products and would like sell our absolutely new technology. No chemical. Similar to ultrasonic. Vladimir, makslin@mail.cnt.ru

  2. Hempola held a family-focused festival you would have enjoyed. To learn about the Hempola Festival and use a link to the Hempola Web site and the Hempola Valley Farms farm store, visit http://www.hempola.com or phone 1-800-240-9215.

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