Hemp Snowboards?

I was wondering if you could please give me any info that you can on hemp snowboards. I am really interested in finding out who makes them, how they perform, and riding one this winter.


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  1. I remember Team Ganja snowboards that were produced in Boulder, Co. Back in the mid 1990s. I went to factory one day but they wouldn’t let me in. I just wanted to see their process and possibly buy a board but they thought we were spies trying to steal ideas lol.

  2. I found a zig zag advert from 95/96:
    “Plant a seed and let it grow, harvest hemp and surf the snow. Mountain grown designs home grown quality” 142cm & 152cm limited edition 500 produced each number’d 1-250

  3. Hey ive got a 140 board pretty simple just looks natural with the zig zag logo on it but I’m curious what they cost new? It was given to me. Thanks!

  4. oops posted under wrong name, thats my online poker name lol
    Dawk = Greg

  5. Stef needs to learn to call her dad more lol

    The gold plate/numbered limited editions a few have mentioned, are some of my old original zig zag hemp boards. There were only about 100 pressed too, not 250 of each size like we intended.

    I had a breakthrough w/hemp at the end, that never made it into the boards.
    I’d been planning on testing it in some alternative glue lam beams someday? Killing cancers w/the whole plant is taking up most my time nowadays 😉

    @J been a long time man 😉 those were good times!

  6. My dad greg killam was the inventor of hemp snowboards back in 1989… were looking to revamp the company. Let me know if you’re interested in a demo sale.

  7. Great boards would love to find another one

  8. anyone looking for a snowboard with hemp should visit http://www.kyndesnowboards.com and call me at 7324218622 when ready to purchase. Thank you for your continued support.

  9. Funny Greg, I would have never remebered meeting you in Govy. I pressed those snowboards for you! Good times.

  10. high, i have been looking all over the web for info on this board i have, and finally i found something. i have a zig-zag hemp snowboard with a gold plate in the center , limited edition 019 of 250. it has a 420 logo on bottom. if there is any info i can get on the board would be super sweet. thanks.and peace!

  11. lol, i was sponsored by zig zag hemp snowboards when i lived in salt lake city this guy les inman hooked me up he was working with greg killam i guess at the time i don’t know i think i had like 3 boards and they rode pretty good,, can’t really complain because i didn’t have to pay for them, Utah was pretty rocky so i think i pretty much thrashed those boards to pieces the topsheets held up fine but the edges blew out the same as any early 90’s boards which means i have 3 unrideable ‘souvenirs’ in my garage.. these days i ride a lib tech jamie lynn.

  12. Hey.
    I have a quick question. Does anybody know of anyone making Hemp boards now? I work at a hotel in Florida (I’m originally from Northern Canada) and a guest gave me a new hemp board and said that it was a prototype from a company that his brother works for. I was just trying to do some research on it and thought maybe someone could help me out. Thanks.

  13. Some one should start making some more. If so many people want them.

  14. I founded Zig Zag Hemp Snowboards on Mt Hood about ’91 I think it was? They were the World’s First!
    They went from an experimental idea to reality, by a chance meeting at the Ratskellar Pub in Govt. Camp, OR.
    I was sitting there drinking beer with some buddies, beating a prototype hemp skate deck on things to check for potential delamination issues & daring people to jump on it & try to break it.
    It held up to 2 days of constant abuse, finally after repeated tries, a guy (240lbs in Docs) took it out on a curb… tough stuff!
    As fate would have it, the owner of Yellow Bus Snowboards was there quietly watching & listening. Later he walked up, introduced himself & offered to help me press some prototype snowboards at his factory. 2 weeks later we were torture testing 4 or 5 hemp prototypes on Hood.
    I still think those first were some of the best riding versions I ever pressed.

    Richard came on board not too long after.
    I thought he was still making a few each year still? I haven’t ran into him in a few years, plan on riding more again this year & probably will.

    Was just googling to see if there was any info about the old boards & found this site. Thought I’d set the record straight lol

    I’m riding a big ol 186 swallowtail nowadays, wish I had one of those first pressings still.
    If you see an old longhair on Hood riding a big split tail with teeth, its probably me.

    420 – Keep Oregon Green 😉
    Greg Killam

    • I had a great friend give me my board from oregon and just love it. Mine has a limited edition gold plate in center of board 040-250 and on bottom it has 520 on the design w/zig-zag hempboardz The natural fiber look aways gets a question Whats ya ridin? I also saw a green one and the color was beautiful and glossy . Unfortunately that one got stolen out of the front display of a hemp store here in minneapolis. This info was what i have wondered about this because shortly after my friend passed away . It has been my first board,and every time i ride the thought of my great buddy Erich got me into snowboarding. Is there something you can add to this unique history on mine?

    • I love you dad! Xoxo

  15. You’ve got to check out four20 snowboards!

  16. I have what I believe the be the only hemp snowboard in existence today manufactured by Team Ganja. email me if you are interested. maorez@yahoo.com

  17. Where can I get hemp cloth as a replacement for fiberglass for surfboard construction? I build wood surfboards in Costa Rica. Sincerely, Edward Gerry

  18. Marta Tarrants

    Richard Smiles, owner and founder of Hemp Snowboards, Government Camp, OR on Mt. Hood. #1. Hemp Snowboards are no longer in production; however, I have available 15 original boards ranging in size from 153″ to 160″. Pro Rider stock is no longer available. #2. Performance wise, hemp snowboards ride like any other quality board. #3. If you are interested in contacting me about remaining Hemp Boards, please contact me at the following street address. Pray for snow; Mt. Hood needs it! Good’ay to all my Aussie bros! Hemp Snowboards c/o Richard Smiles PO Box 221 Government Camp, OR 97028

    • Hahaha smiles is the owner but definitely not the founder. My dad greg killam is the founder. Lets keep the facts straight for the public view. Thanks! I am interedyed in purchasing one of my dafs boards. He was my first sponsor as a kid and would love to get a board for his grandson… My son. Let me know if u have a 150….

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