Hemp Qualities Compared

I’m doing a research paper for school on the benefits of industrial hemp, but I am having trouble finding information. Is there a site that compares the qualities of hemp to that of wood, diesel, cotton, and other materials?


2 responses to “Hemp Qualities Compared

  1. Try http://www.hempforvictory.blogspot.com, use the key word search feature to take you where you want to go and save time. Kenyon Gibson

  2. From D. L.Seevers, Here is a website that a student did on some of the benefits: http://www.cnnw.net/~smarinucci/ The historical context of the crop goes back to the mid 1800’s, when the cotton gin, a southern crop that was worked with slaves, took over control of the fiber industry in this country. In this modern world of global warming. One would tend too believe that the importance of mature trees to absorb the sunlight and contribute to the hydrological cycle would be more important. Thereby using the fiber from hemp to supplement the fiber from the loss of timber. Good luck on your. paper. DLS

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