Hemp Product Listing?

Can you list 20 products that can be made from hemp?

20 products currently being made from industrial hemp: 1 clothing. 2 paper (printing, writing, bible, cigarette, coffee filters, tea bags…). 3 soaps, shampoos; moisturizers, cosmetics. 4 foods from the seed, foods from the oil. 5 livestock and poultry feed. 6 rope, twine, cord, straps. 7 horse bedding. 8 cat litter. 9 wallets, backpacks, purses, bags. 10 fiberboard. 11 insulation. 12 walls (e.g. Isochanvre, something like lightweight concrete). 13 floors. 14 carpeting. 15 linens, blankets, upholstery. 16 furniture oil. 17 canvas. 18 seed and erosion control mats. 19 composites (e.g. car interiors, musical instruments). 20 biodiesel.

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