Hemp Horse Halters?

I would like to find hemp horse halters and rope. Thanks, Shirley Wagle

A #2. I am trying to find a source for hemp twine in order to make halters for horses and am finding it very difficult. I am trying to find out if there is any way one can get the twine from Hungary but so far have not had any luck. I make my own cotton rope and am hoping to make what is termed a ‘Yorkshire Halter’ which has a woven headpiece, and was widely used years ago and there are some people who still wish to use them. Helen Woodhouse
A #1. I am told that Yorkshire halters were woven on a loom. If this information is of any use to you.

12 responses to “Hemp Horse Halters?

  1. i am very interested in these halters!! How can i find you all who are creating these?

  2. susie gallimore

    hi was wondering how you have gone on making the halters

  3. We are very interested in hemp lines for driving, hemp collars,harness , halters, bittless hemp bridels. We would like the hemp to be 100 % natural ( no toxic chemical “treatments”).
    Please let us know if you can make this for our organic farm horses.

  4. My partner and I have just started making hemp halters and lead ropes to help fund our efforts to start a horse rescue. We’re actually starting a whole line of hemp products for horses. If you’d like one, let me know!

    • Hi!
      Wow – so good to hear you are doing this. My partner and I are starting up a natural horse product store and were just chatting about the great hemp products we have seen for dogs. Can you send me info on your product?

      Thanks, Bel

    • Can you send me a link to your website? I am interested in hemp horse halters and would love to see a sample.

    • Did you get off the ground with your making of hemp “Yorkshire halters”
      I am looking to source various sizes to suit shire horses and cannot find anyone who stocks them, they are ideal for everyday use, I have plenty of leather ones with buckles on, but they leave a mark on the horses head whereas the hemp woven ones we have are ideal

    • Interested in your hemp halters

  5. I would like a couple of Yorkshire halters for a Clydesdale horse, but have been told that they are no longer made in the UK. I don’t know about worldwide.

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