Hemp for Animal Feed?

I am researching the nutritonal values of hemp for purposes of feeding farm animals, mainly cows and horses. Is there any research done on this subject

4 responses to “Hemp for Animal Feed?

  1. I think a chicken raised on hemp seed would taste fantastic and nutritious!

  2. A hemp seed purveyor in Canada made the cake available to horse breeders, who initially were reluctant. It got fed to some of the older horses, who then went on to win races. I understand some of this inside information was used to win a few bucks at the racetrack. Kenyon Gibson

  3. I am looking for potential customer / buyer for animal feed from natural fiber material ( hemp and kenaf) . Please contact me if
    interested: mkamar@loxinfo.co.th

  4. A farmer in Kentucky has been feeding cows and horses hemp meal: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:KL3qq3UzUgE:www.hempgrowers.com/may27.html+donnie+colter
    This study looked at hemp meal in cows and in sheep: http://www.nrc.ca/aic-journals/mar99.html
    Canadian Journal of Animal Science, Volume 79, Number 1, March 1999, “The nutritive value of hemp meal for ruminants,” A. F. Mustafa, J. J. McKinnon, and D. A. Christensen, p. 91-95, Abstract
    This article discusses use of hemp plants as silage: http://www.globalhemp.com/News/2000/August/hemp_silage_trials.shtml

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