Hemp Cloth

In Canada, where is long-fibre hemp cloth produced?

3 responses to “Hemp Cloth

  1. There is not yet a facility in Canada that is producing hemp cloth, although we’re working on it at a facililty in Dauphin, Manitoba. Hemp is actively grown and cultivated for seed and oil: foods and skin/body products, however and is very successful. See http://www.hemptrade.ca. Hope this helps Jodi Pallagi from http://www.aweedbitnatural.com Fergus, ON

  2. To whom it may concern: we are a South Africa based hemp company established for five years and are looking for more competitive prices or hemp fabrics. Any assistance in the above matter would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your reply and thanking you in advance for your time. Best regards Ms. Janene Deverneuil glafrika@global.co.za

  3. I have a contact in Hungary with a small enterprise which makes different hand-made textile and clothes also. Please find their e-mail address here: mhudak@freemail.hu Good luck, Dr. Ildikó Iványi, PhD TESSEDIK SAMUEL COLLEGE Faculty of Agricultural Water- and Environmental Managment Szarvas P.O.B. 3 H 5541 Tel: 36-66-313-311 E-mail: ivanyi@wem.date.hu

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